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28 May -2 June 2024

Registrations will open in November 2023

Bring your relationships to the next level

Closing your eyes and connecting to the somatic realm within your body you may find yourself vast and infinite. It’s a place mystics have been seeking and describing for millenia. During our retreat we invite you to connect deeply to that Self and from there when you are ready expand to relate to the Other(s), the Collective, Nature and Spirit.

The consciousness of an individual is often considered the tip of the iceberg that is visible above the surface of the ocean, its main content hidden from easy observation. We believe that in connecting to others in a safer and empowering container, we get to open our eyes wider and experience more of our inner abundance, our hidden shadows and our most feared glorious greatness.

Expanding ourselves, expanding our awareness to what might yet be unconscious helps us to understand and heal ourselves and evolve more responsibility. It moves us towards compassion and celebration of the diverse community around us.

During this journey you’ll at times feel part of the collective, of a movement of holistic integration and vividness. There will also be moments where you might find yourself closed off and with a sense of separation. Taking a lone walk in nature might then connect you again to the spirit of the trees, breathe in the lush green and stand in awe at the sun rays beaming soft golden light into the dark woods…

Life is made of dualities. The everlasting pulse of the universe, inhalation and exhalation, hot and cold, light and dark, shy and daring, clumsy and elegant, fear and joy, support and challenge, contraction and expansion.
Let us together embrace them all and Play!

In a hiperconnected world we are hunger

for real intimacy.